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A guide to live in the path of wellness

The Edit Wellness was created out of our love and passion for health and wellness. We believe that it is possible to create a healthier world one person at a time, however, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when there is so much information available everywhere we look. , So we’ll try to simplify things and from our own personal approach and experience help you find the best YOU!


We are all different, and what is good for me, may not be great for you. The best place to learn about health is with yourself, because we are unique and our needs will change constantly throughout our lives, that's why we want to offer you a series of guidelines to achieve overall wellness in our 3 cores:


· Health: the baseline is always nutrition, exercise and peace of mind.

· Lifestyle: live at your fullest, find what resonates and aligns with you.

· Styling: your best self starts on the inside and reflects on the outside!


Wellness is always a path, for which, understanding yourself and loving your body is the first step. Remember, you are already perfect.​


"We don't know how good the human body is supposed to feel… 

until we do and decide to never go back!"


Welcome to your journey.


Choose your starting point

1 Health.png

We believe the best motivation to change should always be your health. When you realize your body is your only home and that everything else depends on it working correctly, decisions get better and easier to take. Here you’ll find information and recommendations we’ve tried and  have helped us improve our bodies and feel our best!

2 Fitness.png

One of the main keys to health is exercise and movement. Get to know a variety of styles and choose the one that fits your body and your life. We all have different needs and this will continuously change throughout our lives and even during the month, the important thing is to move and try to be as consistent as possible! The secret: you need to find the movement you love!

3 Food.png

Eat to nurture yourself, that’s our premise. We believe in real, natural and of course delicious foods. Sometimes we forget that food fuels our body and that literally, everything we eat, after being processed in our bodies, creates our blood, bones, muscles, organs and even our thoughts and feelings. Today we know that health starts in our digestive system, so we really need to take good care of it. Discover here the benefits of a healthy diet and delicious recipes to try at home!

4 Lifestyle.png

The way we live defines and transforms our health and we believe that the main purpose of life is to enjoy the ride! Find the balance between health, responsibilities and fun! Dare to find your dream job, travel (as soon as it’s safe again of course!), go out, meet new places, eat, learn, discover! Here you will find our favorite activities, restaurants, museums, cities, conferences, books and art to nurture not only our body, but also our mind and our heart.

5 Banner Beauty & Style.jpeg

Health is also seen from the outside. We want to make sure you not only feel your best, but also look your best! We will only suggest products and brands we have tried and love. We believe that as well as food, beauty products need to be real and natural to enlighten our beauty. Remember everything we put in our hair and skin is also absorbed and processed by our body. We are also passionate about fashion, we trust that clothes are a reflection of our personality and our feelings. You won’t find the latest fashion shows and trends in detail, but you’ll get our dose of real and everyday fashion, brands and styling tips to feel & look incredible!

6 Mindfulness.png

Living consciously, allowing yourself to feel and be present. This is our last step for overall wellness: body, mind and spirit. Mental and spiritual health is as important as physical health, and they all depend on one another. Spirituality nurtures our soul and is essential for the development of human beings, not necessarily in the form of religion, everyone has their own way of facing and experiencing spirituality and life. Learn more about Mindfulness here.


"Health isn't a goal, is a way of living." 




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Founder of The Edit Wellness.

Health Coach by Institute for Integrative Nutrition IIN. Writer. Fashion & graphic designer. Yogi, non-professional chef, dog mother, blueberry lover, and health passionate!

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