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About the author

I’m in my thirties and a few years ago I graduated as Health Coach from the IIN Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which was a life changer. I was in need and in search of a new path, and life gave me the time-out that eventually led to my decision of joining the IIN.

I discovered a passion for nutrition and wellness, not only to look great in a bikini, but to focus on true health and learn to listen to what my body needs. I’ve already learned so much over the past years and still have a lot more to uncover. Sometimes I feel there’s so much information out there that I wish I was just a sponge to be able to get all in! But I‘ve also discovered it’s a process and I trust life will get me where I have to be just at the right time. Meanwhile, I want to share all that I’ve learned with you, and transform your love for exercise and food into a passion for health! This will be the best goal you can do things for!

Finding inspiration

I’m a Fashion Designer, and although I never really found my place in that industry, I always loved creating, drawing and used to spent hours browsing web pages and magazines, so I did a master in Fashion Writing which led me to work for a few years in the editorial world with Marie Claire Spain and Harper’s Bazaar Latin America. This is really my thing I thought! I’ve always loved fashion, magazines, art and design! But still, the industry wasn’t for me, I needed something else that was truly aligned with myself.

So I focused my energy in the family business, I developed the corporate image, marketing and graphics for it, which is great and I love to do, plus it has given me the opportunity to explore new paths, learn a lot about retail, online services and how to manage my time in a different and more efficient way to study and focus on my health while I keep up with my daily job.

At first, I thought that becoming a Health Coach was mainly for myself and my family, but now I see the world with a different perspective, and especially nowadays, when we are facing a worldwide pandemic that has already changed all our lives and has enlightened, more than ever, the importance and the gift of having a healthy body. I really want to help spread the word and actively be a part of creating a healthier community.

So this is the space to finally embrace all my knowledge and studies. I'm passionate about design, food, health, yoga, fashion, art, beauty and writing, and today I get to mix all up and share the path for happiness, success and a healthy lifestyle with you!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it.



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